Teach English Online: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started

For people looking to teach English online, the process can often be intimidating.  There are seemingly countless jobs out there with different rates of pay, requirements, and students.  While many schools and jobs are straight forward, we have received more than a few messages complaining about how the details seem to change from one job to the next.

With this in mind, we have done our best to create a 4 part guide aimed at helping anyone interested in teaching English online.  Each section covers a topic that can help prospective teachers better prepare for a job in online education and we have done our best to back up each with real examples from over 20 different jobs.


How the Guide Works

The guide is broken up into 4 parts, each of them listed above in the grey colored menu.  While the guide was designed to be read in order, you are free to click on any section that appeals to you (and we even included a button at the bottom of each page to help point the way!).

Each part covers a topic that we feel is important to understand when considering teaching online, including job requirements, salaries, and how to find and evaluate positions.

The sections are explained in more detail below.

In a hurry?  Here are the section links:


In this section, we explore how much online English teachers get paid, the different types of employers you can work for, and how you can earn the most money possible.  We’ll look at how salaries differ between online schools and working for yourself, as well as how much you can make if you decide to sell courses that you created on your own.


The requirements to teach English online are numerous, but we did out best to break down and explain the most common of them in this section.  We look at everything from whether or not you need to be a native speaker to what type of internet you should have in order to give yourself the best chance for a job.

How to Find a Job

Finally, we look at where to find jobs and what to look for in each job posting in order to find a quality employer.  Anyone looking to teach English online should read this section as it will save you a ton of time when applying for jobs – we show you how to identify scams, legitimate schools, and employers who might be difficult to work for.

We put a lot of time into creating this guide with the goal of helping those hoping to teach English online.  If you have any additional questions, suggestions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Otherwise, enjoy the guide and website!